Tips for tasting Orvietan

Intense yellow color, slightly veiled, with copper green and golden highlights. Slight resistance to glass rotation reveals its slight density. Intense and complex aroma with a balsamic freshness and a rich bouquet of medicinal herbs, mallow, rue, rhubarb, lavender and alpine resins. The warm and powerful taste progressively envelops the palate with a long bitter finish, pleasantly rough and astringent.

Officinal Coffee

Espresso or mocha coffee, Orvietan amount to taste, sugar.

Pour a little Orvietan into a cup of coffee and discover how you can enhance the aroma of medicinal herbs while giving your palate a lingering spicy flavor.

Spicy Milk

Warm whole milk, a 40 ml shot of Orvietan, honey to taste.

It spreads a pleasant sensation and helps relax the whole body.

Invigorating herbal tea

One 40 ml shot of Orvietan, warm water, honey to taste.

Corrobates the body, invigorates and spreads a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Aperitif of 25 medicinal herbs

Ice, one 40 ml shot of Orvietan, 1/2 squeezed lime, ginger ale to taste.

Aperitif with a strong and surprising taste.

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