The Laboratorio dell’Orvietan is located close to Orvieto’s magnificent Piazza del Duomo, in the charming corner of Vicolo dei Dolci. It is here, inside a very old premises, that magic comes to life.

The process

For the harvesting of each medicinal herb, the right balsamic time is scrupulously followed; after drying, selection and blending are carried out according to the secret recipe. This is followed by a long cold maceration in pure alcohol to extract the herbs’ active ingredients. This is then passed through small bench presses and then, most importantly, filtered through a cloth. Everything is then transferred into small wooden barrels for at least a year to give it the right amount of time to decant and refine before being bottled.

Vieni a trovarci

05018 Orvieto [TR]
Via del Duomo 74

Orari al pubblico

Negozio: tutti i giorni ore 9-20
Laboratorio: visite su appuntamento

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